Why didn't I get rewards for my historical receipts?

There are multiple reasons why historical receipts may not have been captured by Playback’s system.

  1. If the receipt email was deleted.
  2. Email provider enforced storage limits or auto-deletes older emails
  3. If the receipt email was forwarded from another email account. All receipt emails must come directly from the storefront (Google Play or the iOS App Store)
  4. If the receipt was already tracked and credited. This applies within your account but also across all accounts. No receipt will ever be credited more than once.

If you believe you have untracked historical receipts that are not explained by these criteria, please email us at support@playbackrewards.com

How does Playback make money?

Game publishers give us money for each new player we send to their games. Also, sometimes game publishers pay Playback to run promotional campaigns on the platform. We never charge players anything for using Playback and don’t make money directly from our members, ever.

Who is eligible to sign up for Playback?

Due to privacy and legal limitations our users need to be 18 years or older. Also, some countries have restrictions on whether their citizens can earn gift cards and real life rewards from our service.